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15 December 2008 / April

Freaking math

First, imagine walking into a building with white white hallways, white white largely unlabeled doors.  You walk into a blood red auditorium and hear people talking about orthogonally diagonalizable matrices and think, “Damn, I’m taking my math final HERE?!”

Also, you’re strung out on caffeine.

You take your test quickly and messily, using no fewer than three booklets.  You make computational errors in every single problem, try to treat them like Pokemon and catch ’em all, probably fail– erase madly till the smell of rubber burns your nostrils and the integral sign in the limerick on your eraser is nearly obliterated– cross things out, draw arrows and asterisks, make little comments in the margins trying to explain everything– pity the graders who must deal with this visual cacophony.  You check things over twice and swear a lot under your breath.  You leave five minutes early and get lost in the unfamiliar dark landscape of the place you’ve lived all your life.  Your brain dies and is reincarnated multiple times.

You are me between 7 and 9:28 PM this evening.  It’s fun, being me.

PS!  Congratulations to the people who got into college ED/EA!  Best of luck to the people who were deferred!  Consolation to the people who were rejected!  LOVE FOR EVERYONE YAY!

I am so drained right now.


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