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10 December 2008 / April

Actually, nearly all of this made my day

Hi!  Can I tell you about my day?

First of all, I tried to do way too much mathy stuff too quickly this morning, as in homework that typically takes a couple hours, which actually gave me a headache, a physical headache, the kind of headache you can pick up and set on fire and throw at people.  So that was fun.

But then I went to Lit, which is always happy and chill because we talk about sinning and being eternally punished in hell.  Except during our small group discussions, we inevitably digressed and started talking about college applications (why do people keep thinking I am applying/have applied to MIT…).

Ms. L: “What’s this about applying?”

Me: “We’re applying our knowledge of life to the cantos.”


But Ms. L actually started the college thing with her really long inspirational story about being rejected from medical school 26 times (not her, a family member) but becoming really successful nonetheless.  I quote her moral: “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

Larry gave me a pen in CS.  Okay, there’s a story here.  I lend people writing utensils a fair amount, and what I’ve found is that if they don’t give it back at the end of the period or the very next day, you can pretty much assume you’re never seeing that pen again.  The probability curve is some sort of exponential decay.

At any rate, I lent Larry a pen about a month ago and had given it up for lost, but he showed up at the end of class today with not one but two pens to choose from!  Neither was diamond-encrusted as I had requested.  But one was a clicky pen, which is just as good. I am duly impressed.

We were supposed to be discussing the living wage in Government, but Tommy and Peter got into this freaking intense debate about… like… poverty?  Or sex education?  Or something?  The whole class was greatly entertained watching them duke it out.  Government is hilarious.

I’ve decided that Latin is something of a surreal experience overall.  I was talking to Jessica and looked over my shoulder to see Maddie merrily patting her belly and saying, “Happy, happy, happy!” for no apparent reason.  I’m not sure if this seems at all funny to you reading about it, but for me experiencing and remembering it… I still can’t stop laughing.

We also kind of miss doing meter/scansion.  The clickety-clickety-clacks and all.

There were two games of volleyball going on in PE, as usual.  The other, competitive game had about 10 people per team.  Ours?  Three.  It actually went a lot better than previous games have gone.  Though I also got hit in the face about 500 times.

I was in the Tattler office pretending to do work 8th period (you cannot be productive in the Tattler office; it’s an unwritten law) when I got a sudden urge to peek out on H-Courtyard.  And I saw a little group of unsuspecting friends.

I set my sights on Talia, fairly arbitrarily but also because I basically never see her, flung open the door of the office, hurtled across H-Courtyard, barely missed Molly, didn’t miss Molly’s chair, and plowed right into my target in an EPIC LOVE ATTACK.

Her reaction was something that should have been recorded for all posterity.  It pretty much made my day.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Dec 10 2008 11:39 pm

    It is actually possible to be productive in the Tattler office, but only under the following conditions:
    1) You are completely alone in the Tattler office (which only occurs when you’re the only person allowed to be in there with a free period)
    2) You are under the stress of an impending deadline (in which case you MAKE yourself alone in the Tattler office—we have a handy supply of… persuasive instruments to that end)
    Am I unbloggable? =P

  2. April / Dec 10 2008 11:47 pm

    I’m sorry, while writing this I was so distracted by the whole Talia incident that I forgot about your, um, energetic antics… You are certainly not unbloggable. Nobody is unbloggable.

  3. Rachel Z / Dec 11 2008 5:54 pm

    What kind of “persuasive instruments” do you keep in stock these days?

  4. April / Dec 11 2008 9:41 pm

    Vast quantities of old newspapers, which we throw at people. I actually don’t know, I’m not in the Tattler office that often…

  5. Rafael Lizarralde / Dec 13 2008 11:10 pm

    We actually found a ping-pong ball launcher in the back of one of the filing cabinets.


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