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8 December 2008 / April

Fun story!

I didn’t go to math today.  And I didn’t have coffee.  And I did college crap instead.  The end.

Fun story number two!

I was kind of becoming sick yesterday, so my mom made me delightful pulverized Chinese herb medicine.  I was sitting innocently at my desk when she walked in, stirring a mug of it with an old chopstick.  “It smells like chicken soup,” she observed in wonder.

“Ooh!  Chicken! … Wait, what?”

“Yeah– smell it.”

Sticking my nose over the cup, I inhaled deeply, just as they teach you not to do in science class (or when dealing with markers).  “… Okay, it does, but I’m pretty sure you just primed my brain for that.”

“It’s just the old medicine,” she said.  “But I added something to it.”

“What?  A chicken?”

“No,” she said, and told me what it was, but I was laughing too hard to hear her.

Quick!  Imagine it!  (No, not me laughing.  The chicken.)


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