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4 December 2008 / April


One, two.  (Buckle my shoe SORRY I COULDN’T RESIST.)

1. College application stuff is weirdly addictive.  No, not addictive, just– engrossing.  Like, I’ve been really wanting to stop doing it for the past couple hours, but I just can’t stop because I think, “Well, maybe I’ll just get that form done, it’s really short– and I can do this little thing too– and this one…”

2. Linear Algebra.  Last day of new material was yesterday.  Last section was yesterday.  Last day of lecture is tomorrow.  I think this blog is overdue for a rant about section for sure… possibly lecture too.

3. Mom: “Oh, I got you something.”

Me: “Ooh!  What?”

My mind: “A PRESENT YAY!”

She pulls out a little gray book.  On the Art of Poetry, by Aristotle.  “It was free at the Bookery.  Apparently it’s really really difficult to understand.”

“… Actually, that’s hilarious.”  The fact that she got me a random piece of ancient Greek literature, I mean.  Recently she has also asked, rhetorically, “What kind of a nerd are you?” in that tone of voice that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4. I don’t even know where to start talking about all the ridiculous and hilarious things that happen in CS.  From matrices to sex to spellcheckers to brownies to pens.  And beyond.

5. Oh man, ditto for Lit.  Such a great class.  Yesterday we stood on our chairs and read a poem aloud together, reminding ourselves that we do not in fact have to walk a thousand miles on our knees through the desert.  It was actually a really encouraging poem.  Then we wrote about suicide and sat through a silence so long, so dense, so awkward, I thought I wouldn’t survive.  Then, since that was such a downer, we got back on our chairs and read the poem again.

And today we talked about Neopets.  And concubines.

6. Apparently QuestBridge kindly passed on my e-mail address to all 26 of its partner schools, who are now e-mailing me in droves trying to get me to apply.  Thanks, QuestBridge!  My inbox sure was getting lonely from the finally decreasing volumes of college mail!

7. On the bus home today, a complete stranger offered me a light so I wouldn’t have to walk home in the dark.  I had to decline, because who knows if I would see him again, but it was so sweet.  Turns out I got a ride home anyway, from a friend who turned around and drove past me TWICE before I noticed and before she stopped to pick me up.  Also, it turns out I walk fast.

8. I hate my internet.

9. I’m not proofreading this.



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  1. Ryan / Dec 4 2008 10:39 pm

    So.. when I made that joke in APCS, I really didn’t think Mrs Teukolsky was going to get it. And then she understood, which made the situation far more humorous.

  2. Stacy / Dec 5 2008 2:17 am

    Your life is so much more interesting than mine. ❤

    Don’t you just love random acts of kindness though? I’m aww-ing over that! (And Neopets! The memories!)

  3. April / Dec 5 2008 8:56 am

    Ryan: I don’t think you can teach in a high school for so long and not understand that kind of a joke…

    Stacy: But you are in college– your life is interesting by default! Also I just make my life sound exciting here, it isn’t actually… (but shh, don’t tell anyone…)

  4. Rachel / Dec 5 2008 1:43 pm

    What was the cs joke?

  5. April / Dec 5 2008 6:50 pm

    Oh, Ms. T said something that Ryan (typically!) interpreted obscenely, then Ms. T told a joke whose punchline was basically “guys always think about sex.” You really had to be there, I think…

  6. Sarah / Dec 5 2008 10:07 pm

    3, 4… shut the door.

    And you really do make your life sound interesting.

  7. Kendra / Dec 10 2008 11:40 pm

    I’m totally going to start replying to this blog, if only because it’s surreal to read the Shenian account of what goes on in Lit.
    Neopets is awesome.
    That is all.
    ” Savour the awkwardness. It’s so intense it’s almost pleasureable.”

  8. April / Dec 11 2008 12:02 am

    Yay for another QC reader! And, er, another reader of my blog!

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