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27 November 2008 / April

A lesson in personal finance

Today, I’m thankful for the man I met at the dinner party, who told us he plans on living a life full of experiences and dying with nothing in his bank account.  (“Nothing left for the kids?” we asked.  “I gave them my genes.  That’s good enough.”)  The trick, I pointed out, is making sure that zero shows up when you die and not before.

He lives in Sweden, whose economy is fairly strong despite the US’s best efforts to drag it down with ours, so we as a nation would do well to pay attention to their example, budget surplus and all.  On a more personal level, he advised me to stay in school until the recession blows over.

But what he said about dying with a zero in the bank account– that made me think.

After dinner, he toasted me and my entire generation.  And everyone wished me luck when we left.  I guess I’m at that point in my life where I need luck.  Not luck for any particular event, just luck in general.

Actually, I think everyone’s at that point in their lives.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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