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24 November 2008 / April

Entry stub

I left campus extra early today because I wanted to be in a place where I wasn’t being interrupted every period by fire alarms going off and having to go freeze my ass off outside.  And clearly, school wasn’t that place.

I actually wasn’t around for the first (planned) fire drill, because I was off at math class planning my next year’s Halloween costume (and it is going to be fantastic).  But the two I experienced were more than enough.  Insert long rant about stupid fire alarm-pulling pranks here (disrupting classes, diverting firefighters from real emergencies, yadda yadda yadda).

At least I had wonderful friends to keep me warm and give me their scarves.  Also, at least the rain hadn’t started yet (or actually, up at our altitudes, snow!).

… I just managed to summarize the high points of my day with astounding succinctness and a multitude of unexplained references.  This was going to be an entry and now it’s more like an entry stub with some random photos tacked onto the end.  How disappointing.


Photo 15

Why yes, I do live in Ithaca!  How could you tell?  Was it the snow before Thanksgiving?  Or the pretzels made of HEMP?


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