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14 November 2008 / April

Where do I start?

The past few days have been rather hectic, but the next few promise to be even more so– so I thought I might as well blog now.

But where do I start?  We wrote haiku in Linear Algebra and discussed carrots in English and considered bells in CS and rambled about movies in Government and drew whales in Latin.  It was warm and I mailed a recording of Chopin and Bach to Amherst and I walked.  A lot.  I walked from Cornell to IHS and from IHS to Downtown and from Downtown to IC and (surprise!) from IC to ITE (!!!) and THEN I was DRIVEN back Downtown and it was glorious.  And that was just today.  Don’t get me started on Wednesday.

I’ve done a lot of rehearsing!  I’ve finally moved beyond the stage of my musical career where I’m just helping out friends, or friends of friends, or almost-friends.  Now I am accompanying genuine strangers.  Most younger than me, too.  It feels different and not all that different.  Also somewhere along the way I think I became friends with Kirsten, probably out of sheer necessity because she sees me ALL the time.

Also somewhere along the way I inadvertently arranged a piano trio rehearsal on Sunday, when what I really wanted were two separate rehearsals with a violinist and a cellist.  I think I’ve straightened that out though.  Why are there so many recitals on Sunday?  And why did a Sunday with so many recitals have to coincide with a Saturday involving the IC Choral Composition Festival, composing a weekend during which I actually, for once, have homework to do?  Do not ask me!

I conclude with a conversation I overheard at IC.  Let this be a warning to you all: anything you say can and will end up on the internet.

Guy #1: “You can do whatever you want– you are a free human being.”
Guy #2: “Can I do you?”
Guy #1: “That requires consent.”
Guy #2: “I think that was me asking for consent.”
Guy #1: “Oh. … No.”


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