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11 November 2008 / April

If kids were presidents

About a day ago I was in the midst of a hectic four-hour stint of financial aid stuff, which I happily got done– only to remember that there is no mail on Veterans’ Day so I can’t mail it off anyway.

Also, I don’t actually have any essays to complain about, because most supplementary stuff is for regular decision only.  I guess they have faith in a finalist’s ability to write.

Among the things I forgot about today thanks to my QuestBridge worries are eating, linear algebra homework, my piano lesson, and school.  I think I’ve basically lost all sense of time.  And it doesn’t help my mental schedule that today is a random one-day mid-week break.

Luckily I did not forget my five hours of babysitting, with which I am earning my internet (seriously).  My neighbors now have like a 500-inch TV AND one of these suckers.  Mmm.  Delicious irresistible comfort.  It is actually impossible to get up from it once you lie down.

We did many exciting things, including listening to Boychild play the cello, cooking pasta, meditating to Celine Dion (…), petting the kitten, and discussing politics…

“Could you ever become president?” Girlchild asked me.

“Well, yeah.  But I don’t think I’d ever want to be.”

“So you were born in America.”


“Daddy couldn’t, because he was born in Sweden.  But Mommy could.”

“I’m sure they’d rather stick with being your parents anyway.”

“It would be weird if Daddy was president.”


“Mommy would be like, ‘Don’t bother Daddy, he’s making the law.”

“And there would always be people watching you.  There’d be reporters following you around being like, ‘Look, it’s the president’s daugher!  She’s brushing her teeth!'”

I was going to feel bad about my shameless hyperbole, but I was completely charmed by how she fell off the couch laughing.  “No they wouldn’t! That would be weird! Why would they do that?”

“Well, people are always interested in what famous people are doing.”

“Did you ever have braces?”

“Yeah, I did…”

“I’m going to have to get spacers.”

“Oh, I never had those.  I hear they hurt.”  I regretted saying that immediately.

“Do they hurt a lot?

“No, not a lot at all.”

“Not as much as a shot, right?”

“Right.  Ugh, I hate shots.”

“Me too.  What makes shots hurt?”


“Is it the needle?”

“Yeah, it’s the needle.”

“If I become president, I’ll declare that officially, shots will not hurt anymore.”

“I think you’d be pretty much the best president ever then.”

“What would you do if you were president?”


“I would make everything really cheap, so that even if you only had one cent, you could still have a house.”

“That would be a lot of houses.  You’d have houses on top of houses on top of houses.”

“Yeah.  But that’s okay.”


“And I would make sure everyone could have a dog or a cat.  Even if they only had one cent.”

“To keep them company in their new house?”


“You’d also need to give them a lifetime supply of food, so the cat doesn’t go hungry.”

“They would need wet food, dry food, water– or milk, but water’s okay too…”

We talked about other things too, but eventually Girlchild returned to the idea of fame.  “Let’s play the game again– where you’re the reporter and I’m the president’s daughter.”

Can you tell it’s an election year?



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  1. Amy / Nov 12 2008 8:37 am

    Boychild plays the CELLO??? Since WHEN??! Is he at ITE??

  2. April / Nov 12 2008 4:41 pm

    Since, uh, a few months ago I guess. He’s just doing it through the school.

  3. Kati / Nov 12 2008 8:19 pm

    In hearing of conversations like these, I really wish that my 1-year-old could talk. Most other times, I’m perfectly content with her babbling.

  4. Amy / Nov 13 2008 3:07 pm

    Wait… are they in third grade already? Really?

  5. April / Nov 13 2008 9:07 pm

    Kati: Well, a large percentage of their conversations involves Star Wars and such, so you might want to treasure wordlessness a little longer…

    Amy: Yes? I think.

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