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9 November 2008 / April


It’s been one of THOSE days.  One of those 100% eventless, weirdly unpleasant, totally unbloggable days.  The word that comes to mind is drab.  Yes.  Today was a drab day.  That’s not a function, but it describes my day perfectly.  [If you want a function (nerd), try y=0.]

So after spending a vast amount of time reading webcomics, I made a to-do list.

1. CS
Φ. Dinner
2. Volunteer stuff (yes, volunteering with the library foundation involves homework)
3. Piano
π. English
4. Clothes (folding them, that is)
5. LA (which I think means Linear Algebra and not Los Angeles, but you can never be sure on a day like this)

I attempted to compose it in the order I would do it, which is why I had to use some non-integer numbers, but it was pretty pointless anyway because at the moment I’ve done 1, Φ, 3, and 4.

After that, I stood on my chair and took a picture, which wasn’t on my to-do list but seemed necessary.


Then I ate some truffles– which is a funny word.  Probably because of the double f.  Hey, I think I’ve analyzed this before

I’m done here.  Tomorrow is a one-day week!

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