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6 November 2008 / April


“How’s life?”

The quintessential conversation starter.

My old answer: some variation on “Fine”, “Not bad”, “Pretty good”, etc.

My new answer: the function that most closely resembles a graph of my mood on a variable time scale.  (Variable because it’s too damn difficult to find an accurate function otherwise, seeing as our linear algebra class skipped data fitting…)

For instance, if I got out of bed one morning and forgot to drink coffee but then won the lottery, that might be something like an exponential function.  I leave it as an exercise to the reader to suggest a series of events that would make a day look like tangent.

Today was sinusoidal.

The morning was not so nice, as I had to take the bus– but it was tolerable this time (probably because I haven’t ridden in literally over a month).  Then I got to school and had a decent two periods of practice.

Then I did my Poetry Day in AP Lit (basically, running a class based on poems of your choice); I made mine election-themed, which inspired some nice discussion and some seriously awesome poetry written by my wonderfully talented classmates.

The peak here came between Lit and CS when I learned from Eva that Victor will be doing math seminar next semester!!!  Aaaaah fuck college math, I NEED TO TAKE MATH SEMINAR.

CS in general was also awesome, as per usual.

Then Government, where we managed to put the ever-bubbly Ms. D in a crummy mood by responding badly to her blatantly pro-Obama slideshow.  And she in turn managed to sour the atmosphere for us too.  I came out of that class at the trough of the curve.

Then Latin, which invariably puts me in a good mood.

Then PE, where I reaffirmed my utter inability to play handball.  Also we had a lot of people making up gym classes (can you tell it’s the end of a quarter?), and they were all super-intense and somewhat frightening.  Trough.  But learning that our next unit will be volleyball nudged me up the slope again.

Between 7th and 8th periods I paid a brief visit to Mr. D to confirm and express my joy over the fact that Victor will be returning to math seminar.  Also Jenny told me, “I hear that you’re a boar,” which was far more amusing than it seems here.

Then Rayleigh brought back my prelim, which he had delivered to his TA so it could be regraded.  It had five of the most beautiful points I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving added to its score.  Peak.

Volunteering at the library was business as usual.  Except I went on little adventure delivering packages around downtown.

Then I took the city bus home.  Except traffic was terrible, so I missed my transfer at the Statler.  And buses to my remote neck of the woods come about once per hour, at best.

Thus I spent a little less than an hour sitting on a cold cement stump, trying not to faint with hunger, until I could catch a bus to Varna, which is not a half hour walk from my home like I’m used to but more like an hour walk, with that crazy steep Mt. Pleasant Rd. in between.  Yeah, that was not a happy part of the sine curve.

But then I came home and ate dinner and listened to a particularly hilarious episode of “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”, and I have no homework.  So things are looking up.

PS. I tried to make a graph with labeled points for my valued visually-oriented readers, but I’m clearly a failure because it was taking me hours, so I gave up.  Sorry.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Nov 6 2008 11:25 pm

    Hmm… this is my shot at tangent…
    When you wake up, you’re caught in an infinite time-loop lasting π hours. You always start out in a cesspit full of needles. Then you turn around and see the staircase up, and as you climb it the passageway washes you off. By this point you’re at the origin. Then, you find a warm towel at the top and things begin to look up. You find a doorway, and you find out that you’re in a future utopia AND then you find that you won the lottery, which you then learn was a thousand years ago and the money has been handled by adept investors and quintupled in actual value since. The loop completes, and you end up in the cesspit again.
    Er… or were you looking for realistic events?

    Oh, and I just realized that you have a smiley at the bottom. This gives me a local maximum 🙂

  2. April / Nov 6 2008 11:45 pm

    Nice. Now that I think about it, tangent doesn’t necessarily have to involve a time-loop. A sinusoid is cyclic too (and with a domain of all reals), but my current day is still going to end. I hope.

    Also, the smiley is put there by WordPress so that they have an image on every page of each blog, which lets them track stats. Or something like that.

  3. Rafael Lizarralde / Dec 13 2008 11:19 pm

    I’m pretty sure tan requires a time loop because it’s not continuous.

  4. April / Dec 14 2008 10:00 pm

    I guess so… well, it’s not any more unrealistic than your other events…


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