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2 November 2008 / April

The whole world

It’s All Saints’ Day today, and in church we observed it by saying the names of those who had died and ringing a Tibetan prayer bell Jacquie had brought.

The bell had a beautifully clear sound, but the kids of the congregation were mostly just thrilled that it made noise.  Kids like things that make noise.

The youngest was quick to run to the front of the sanctuary and pick up the bell.  He was, perhaps, too young to really understand what was going on, or the significance of the bell, or what exactly he was “supposed” to do.  People were going up, saying some people’s names, and ringing the bell.

“This is for the whole world,” he said.  And he rang the bell.


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  1. Sarah / Nov 9 2008 6:14 pm

    Those may just be the saddest most profound words ever spoken. This is what I miss when I don’t read your blog.

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