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27 October 2008 / April


My day was all kinds of ridiculousness.  Here’s a blow-by-blow summary, with (of course) no blows.

Linear Algebra: Jeremie, our instructor, didn’t show up for the first 25 minutes.  Prelim II in three days and all.  Good lord how I wish I were kidding.

We spent the first 10 minutes fretting over our collective impending doom and basically making fun of Jeremie’s teaching style while furtively checking the door to make sure he didn’t walk in.  Some people left too, quite understandably.  After a certain point, we– well, we kept making fun of his teaching style, but without furtively checking the door.  One guy actually went to the chalkboard to “review” Chapter 4.  I’m not quoting this verbatim, but it’s pretty close.

Fact: A linear space is basically what we learned in chapters 1-3 but applied to more things.

thing (def.): polynomials, infinite series, continuous functions, matrices, and anything else that makes our lives miserable.

[Skipping ahead to 5.5, a futile attempt at learning inner products]

Conclusion: Go next door at 1:25 or you are screwed.  ☐

It was fairly hilarious. We all wanted to know when his office hours would be. Then our instructor walked in and hurriedly began teaching, apologizing because he for some reason forgot what time our class started?  Or something?  I don’t even know.  (I felt a little bad when he read the part about making our lives miserable.)  Anyway, the point is: Linear Algebra was ridiculous.

AP Lit: Ms. L wasn’t here.  We were supposed to be working ahead on homework, but Eva and I ended up panicking over math instead.  I seriously considered skipping half my classes to go to her section (and I do not mean “seriously” or “half” in any joking sense), but I’m not gutsy enough for something like that.  Besides, who cuts class to go to another class?  (Answer: me, if I’m worried enough about Thursday’s prelim.)

AP CS: Um, not very ridiculous.  Besides Ms. T’s distress over Larry daring to throw his bottle in the trash when she had stolen a box from the copy room solely to serve as a recycling box.  (I think that was one of those rare creatures, the Run-on Sentence Fragment.)  She did what I would call, for lack of a better word, a dance.  It amused us all.

Government: “Working” on our projects.  Using freaking amazing sweet awesome new iMacs!!!!!!!!  Apple fan orgasm!  (And I know they’re not actually new like the laptops, but I’d never used them before…)

Latin: Friends, Romans, blog readers: Latin is always ridiculous.  I think every day we come up with one or more new names for Maddie’s poor, unfortunate, unborn children.

PE: We spent the period checking to make sure everyone had a combination lock.  Then some people played basketball.  But I studied math.  What kind of a PE class is this?  No pretense at building physical fitness?  No humiliation for those lacking athletic eptitude (by which I mean “possessing athletic ineptitude,” but that sounds even weirder than the word I invented)?  Ridiculous!

Then I volunteered at the library, and took the bus home, and played some damn good games of Solitaire, and dined, none of which was particularly ridiculous.  But there’s only so much ridiculousness you can take in a single day.


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