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21 October 2008 / April

The good and the bad

I didn’t know when 3rd period started today and thus showed up at IHS a period early.

I didn’t have to take the silly survey, which is why they held homeroom, which is why the bell schedule was weird.   So my wildly illicit drug use and gang violence can slide under the radar a little longer.  Also I got to drink delicious hazelnut coffee at Cornell.

Today was cold.

Learned that Mario Livio is speaking at Cornell for Light in Winter!  He who wrote this and other mathy books that I happen to own/have read.

Williams won’t take the QuestBridge app for regular decision!  But everyone else does!*  Why should I have to do the Common App specially for you?  Blarrr!   I guess you’ll just have to let me in with the scholarship then, WON’T YOU WILLIAMS.

… I learned this before December 31.

I am clearly too much of a failure in life to have learned to use my time wisely.

Peanut butter cookies, made from peanut butter!   Obama cookies, made on behalf of Obama!  Maddie and Annette cookies, made by Maddie and Annette!

(Interesting fact: those are all various forms of the ablative in Latin.* This is why Latin is torturous and also why Latin is flippin’ awesome.)

It is very difficult to make an entry like this very long, because life is very very NOT black and white.

It makes the entry damn easy to title though.

*NB. These are rhetorical falsehoods. Rhetorical, say I! Ergo forgivable.



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  1. Kati / Oct 22 2008 9:20 pm

    So my wildly illicit drug use and gang violence can slide under the radar a little longer.

    Since you’ve already done one form of college app (and therefore have essays, etc), the Common App won’t take long/much effort. I guess it’s good to have it filled out as a backup, considering what Ms. Walker said about the QuestBridge. But still, that is definitely annoying.
    But speaking of the QuestBridge, guess which college accepts it?
    I’ll give you a hint- it starts with a V and ends with an assar.
    And no, it’s not Vuhwimdenassar.
    Is Williams now your first choice?

    Lastly, *.
    Insert * after “Obama cookies, made on behalf of Obama!”
    How dare you leave that out?

  2. April / Oct 22 2008 11:28 pm

    Yeah there are a number of colleges that accept QuestBridge, a list that I have examined very thoroughly…

    With regards to Williams and the Common App– I’ll have a couple months after learning I’m not a finalist during which to complete the Common App, but it’s the spirit of the thing that bugs me. And I’m not telling anyone (except, er, two people) my QB rankings, for a variety of reasons.

    Also the Apri cookies and Obama cookies were kind of the same cookies, so… I am Obama? What?

  3. Rachel / Oct 25 2008 7:43 pm

    By the transitive property of cookies.

  4. April / Oct 25 2008 7:52 pm

    Indeed. Thank you Rachel.

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