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20 October 2008 / April

Magic carpet + magic carpet = ?

We talked about interfaces in Comp Sci today.  I don’t think you need to know anything about interfaces in order to be amused by the following exchange, though it would help– and you definitely do need to know that the example interfaces we had mentioned were Flyer (as in things that fly), Computable (things with which arithmetic can be performed), and Grid (things that use a grid).

Ms. T: (Writes public class MagicCarpet implements Flyer, Grid on board.)  “Now, if you’re wondering how a magic carpet uses a grid, my answer is: it’s a magic carpet.”

Me: “I’m sure it’s also computable.”

Ms. T: “Right!” (Appends Computable to what’s on the board.)

Class: (General consternation.)  “What?  How is a magic carpet computable?!”

Ms. T: “You can add them, subtract them…”

Justin: “So what’s magic carpet plus magic carpet?”

She did not deign to answer that question.

Other exciting things that happened today include two whole periods of tedious and confusing math homework, a brief NHS meeting that mostly consisted of us being told that we would be told more things via e-mail, and a Brain Team meeting to which I was dragged against my will.  I think I answered two entire questions.


That photo is not from today– unfortunately, as that day was warm and this day is not warm.


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