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19 October 2008 / April

Analog blogging

I wrote out a blog entry by hand a couple days ago (I can’t remember why exactly I didn’t have my laptop with me) and promptly forgot about it.  So here it is, two days belated, with every error is either visibly corrected or left as is.  Let this be a reminder to be grateful that blogging is in fact digital.

I’ll also type it up after the jump, for people who can’t load the images or can’t decipher my illegible scrawl, even when you click and view it large.  I invite you to actually try to read the original though.  It’s a fun and exciting way to kill time, of which I am certain you possess too much.  Because you’re here and all.

10/17, 4:58 PM

[It is difficult to blog with pen on paper.  In fact, it is not blogging– blogging by definition is digital, journaling is analog.  But here I am, committing a paradox.  Blogging on paper.]

So I finally get virtually constant internet access, and what do I do?  I abandon you all, my faithful army of readers.  Admittedly I spent the first couple days catching up on blogs & comics & remembering how to explore the internet without lightlink’s 15 minute time constraints.  I want to say I was too busy the other days– programs, tests, essays– but I’m not sure that’s the truth; blogging is hardly time consuming.  The real reason is that the mood to blog is a fleeting one.  I feel like blogging every minute of every day, but the feeling never lasts long enough for me to reach a computer and transform my mere mood into language.  And I am left with notes written [in] the margins of my assignment [pad] to remind me of a mood that has fleeted– notes like “decapitated shower” or “epiphanies.”

These are the blogs that everyone hates to read.  Hm.

The other day, I walked into our bathroom to brush my teeth and noticed that my shower had been decapitated.  I brushed my teeth.  I went into my kitchen (a phrase that in my house is virtually equivalent to “went to talk to my mom”).

“Why is the shower head on the floor?”

I don’t remember what happened next.  But the story ends with my mom administering acupuncture for [sic] the shower and me beginning to complain every morning about how soft & wimpy the shower has become.  “It doesn’t do anything!  It takes forever to rinse shampoo out of your hair, you stick your head under it and it just kinda oozes over you.”

“Before it felt like getting punched in the head.  Again and again.”

“Well, at least it did something.”

The other item in our bathroom that has broken recently is our space heater.  So the other day– not that other day, the other other day, my mom & I were in the car driving home (oh how normal it sounds) & she informed me that she had bought another one.  A little one.  “It’s very cute.”

“Does it look like a cat?”  This is almost an inside joke in our family, the notion that cats are cute & cute things look like cats.

“No.”  She paused.  “Well, maybe a little.”

Then I had a brilliant idea, which I’ll tell you about later when I’ve copyrighted it & am on my way to being a millionaire.

Then we got home & took the space heater out of its box.  We turned it on, and I gasped.  “It does look like a cat!”  (Was there a pause?)  “An evil diabolical robot cat!”

So I have a diabolical robot cat in my bathroom now.  Under normal circumstances I would post a photo here, but these circumstances are hardly the stuff of normalcy.  Maybe it’s better this way anyhow.  Right now I’m betting you all have delightful mental images of what my diabolical robot cat heater looks like.  Why let reality destroy that?

A few other things have happened.  I was sick.  I am sick.  I learned the first name of God.  I wrote an essay– spent more time worrying about it than writing about it, actually.  I discussed Hawaii with Mr. K, very briefly.  I bought fantastic books for fantastically low prices.  I got very cold.  I got very hot.  I woke up Wednesday convinced it was Saturday.  I ate cookies.  I ran out of things to say.

But continued saying things nonetheless.



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  1. Sarah / Nov 9 2008 5:47 pm

    I have some really great images of that evil cat robot heater in my mind right now. Some REALLY great images. 🙂

  2. April / Nov 9 2008 8:20 pm

    Now I’m curious….

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