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18 October 2008 / April

Totally awesome stuff

Okay, I promise you some real content in the near (very near?) future, but I’ve found so much totally awesome stuff online during the past few days that I must share.  Call it compulsive generosity.

First, this informative and amusing graphic.

Next, this awe-inspiring remix of Radiohead’s “Nude”.

And this portfolio of incredible photos.

And this discussion of the new usage of the noun “fail”.

And this utterly concise yet fully informative weather report.

And this toaster.

And this article mentioning “women in Islamic dress running around ‘like female ninjas.'”

And finally, this Dinosaur Comic created by Randall Munroe of XKCD fame.  When I first saw it, I actually thought it was the result of my iPod screwing around, which it is apt to do with images.  But no.  View it large, please.

guest comic by randall munroe! let me tell you about randall. you ask randall for a guest comic and he gives you infinity of them! and then you say, wow now can i have puppies? and he only gives you one. and then it grows up and bites you. and then he says "no touchbacks".

Dude.  Sexiest story ever.


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