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6 October 2008 / April

A cup of coffee and a Monday morning and me

Once you’ve lost your blogging momentum, even when forced to by the tragic death of a home internet connection– it’s hard to get started again.  Overcoming static friction, and all that jazz.

Part of the problem is that after a few weeks (!) have passed, it’s really hard to choose what to write about– if anything– if not everything.  Blogging should not be like writing an autobiography.  I shouldn’t have to decide whether to tell you about the guy at Autumn Leaves who told me what I was going to be when I grew up; I should write about it the very day it happened.  And shouldn’t I tell you about the linear algebra prelim– my very first official college exam?  What about my first computer science project?  What about the Prague DVD?  What about cheesecake?

Perhaps the most important thing I will have to omit is the reasoning behind me not wearing red on class color day.  I didn’t just forget.  This was something I’d planned since last year’s class color day.  I had my reasons.  But anyone with half a brain who knows about what happens at high schools (nations?) in general– and what happened last Friday at IHS in particular– already knows why I didn’t wear red.

I was doing well with this entry until I stopped to think about what I could say, what I should say, what I would’ve said were I able to connect to linksys over the weekend.  And now I’m so overwhelmed again that it’s impossible to continue.



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  1. Sarah / Oct 6 2008 8:57 pm

    And that, April, pretty much sums up the reason why none of my various journals or blogs have ever made it past the 10th entry or so. While the world doesn’t care- probably doesn’t notice in the first place- about my blogs, yours are an entirely different story. Here’s to April’s momentum!

    On a different note, I did notice your lack of red, and it didn’t take me very long to discern your motive. Which signifies, apparently, that I have at least half a brain. 🙂

  2. April / Oct 7 2008 2:55 pm

    Not sure if mine are “an entirely different story” considering that I have about 2.5 readers… but thanks anyway! And you definitely have at least half a brain and most likely more. (A new compliment? “You have more than half a brain!”)


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