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20 September 2008 / April

I have an excuse!

MY INTERNET AT HOME ISN’T WORKING.  Also I’ve been busy?  Maybe?  Yes!  So two whole entire excuses for a lack of blog posts.

Instead of synopsifying the past week in its entirety, I will conjure from the depths of my memory a list of random awesome things that have happened.  Not in chronological order, so as to simulate time travel.  Buckle up.

1. Walking down to IHS from Cornell Friday morning, in the sunshine, listening to music, after an amusing math class and a cup of coffee.  Are you at all familiar with happiness?  There was a lot of it there.

2. Math!  Sometimes I feel like math is such bullshit and such beauty all at the same time.  It fills me with awe that mathematicians can get away with half the stuff they do.

3. This sunset, as seen from IC last night:


4. “Hey Steve!” I called out in H-Courtyard.  “Can I have a doughnut?”

“You’ll have to ask Mr. K.”

“Mr. K!  Can I have a doughnut?  Even though I don’t know you at all?”

“Well, if there are any left after the teachers have some…”

Why yes, I will make friends with random math teachers if it means getting a free doughnut.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t.

5. First group classes for ITE this morning.  Do you realize how much more competent I feel now than I did when I first started this job two years ago?  So much more competent!  So totally ready to play Bach Double despite having not practiced it since May– and not doing such a shabby job at it!  Also, I’m accompanying two classes now.  Two years ago I would’ve appreciated a class where all they do is tune and play Twinkle.  Now I get bored and wish for Vivaldi.

6. Best practice ever following those group classes.  I played Pictures at an Exhibition all the way through.

7. The beginnings of my internship with the TCPL Foundation.  Day one: databases!  Day two: photocopying!  Day three: mailing labels!  Tune in next, um, Friday for more ways April can fulfill her NHS and Government service requirements in a matter of mere days!

8. There are literally no wrong answers in AP Lit.  Unless you’re an idiot, I suppose.

9. I have actually been in Autumn Leaves for over three hours and not bought a thing.  I feel a little guilty.  But I’m such a frequent customer, I think they’re okay with it.

10. I’m visiting Swarthmore tomorrow (!), so you may have to go another couple days without a post.  Can you handle it?



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  1. Kati / Sep 21 2008 12:59 pm

    I love how there really are no wrong answers in AP lit. My level of appreciation thereof is off the charts. You can BS some interpretation, share it and be golden. Also, if you have no grasp of a passage, you can just do some stream-of-consciousness commenting/posing of questions, and presto! Instant teacher-approved discussion material.

  2. Kati / Sep 21 2008 1:00 pm

    Though I do try in AP lit, most definitely. I just like to be able to fall back on BSing.

  3. April / Sep 22 2008 8:45 am

    Hah, sure you do Kati 😉


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