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15 September 2008 / April


Time warped over the weekend, I swear to god.

I can’t believe it actually passed that quickly.  I seriously believed I wrote this blog entry yesterday.  And I know that is hardly the most terrible misfortune to befall a person, yet it is but the last in a string of misfortunes that befell me today, none of which were particularly bad but which all conspired to make me feel gloomy and doomy, except with less doom and more run-on sentences.

Uh, I think I will write a real entry later; just now I only wished to share my frustration at the mercurial nature of time.  But I will leave a lovely internet link to occupy you until I return.  How about this?  That will keep you entertained for, oh, 30 milliseconds, unless you are easily amused.


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  1. maji6 / Sep 26 2008 7:16 am

    lifes too short to get gloomy and dull. Jump out of it.

    Mind over matter.

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