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11 September 2008 / April

Rumors are flying

The new band director, whose name escapes me at the moment, introduced herself to me before many or most of the students in band.  Because from the perspective of a new music faculty member, it’s probably a good idea to get to know the girl who practices Prokofiev first period on the first day of school.

Today I was practicing again when she knocked on the door to tell me something interesting.  “I hear you used to play the oboe.”

I remembered that Andrea, IHS’s premier oboist, graduated last year.  “Yeah…”

“Why did you stop?”

I dug out my response about being busy and wanting to focus more on piano, which I haven’t had to employ in years.

She told me with apparent sincerity that that was a very good reason.  “But, you know, if you ever wanted to pick it up again…”

“Well, maybe.”  Translation: Uh, no.

“Are you a…” She took a shot in the dark.  “… sophomore?”

I flinched.  “Actually, I’m a senior.”

“Oh.  So–”


She seemed a little let down.  “Well, I love listening to you play the piano.”


She left, and I went back to learning new music– which must be one of the worst things on the planet to listen to– and then to what I like to think of as “endurance training,” which essentially involves playing really physically taxing sections repetitiously until my muscles are screaming for mercy and then seeing whether I can still make the music sound pretty.  Which is not that nice to listen to either (nor is it particularly healthy for me…).

But this is separate from my main point, which is this: who told the band director that I used to play the oboe? How does word about something like that get around?  I’m not sure that any of the IHS music teachers even know, which means it must have been either a student suggesting who could supplement their sadly depleted oboe section… or my middle school band director.

Uh, no comment, I think.



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  1. Mimzy / Sep 13 2008 9:43 am

    (In response to your comment) I’m actually lucky with that, because my teacher has said that he doesn’t teach to the test like the other English teacher does, and we’ve been discussing a lot of things in class (including Perrine’s stupidity) too. It just bothers me that if I’m to score well on that exam, I have to think differently. That shouldn’t be the case, you know?

    And you’re not alone in having your band director know things about you…my band director knows EVERYTHING. Including what his marching band kids are up to outside of school. Like, if someone is stupid and gets in a car crash, he like hates them. =)

  2. April / Sep 13 2008 7:35 pm

    I’m not even in band, which makes it weirder… And I’m glad you’re at least getting a good English education, even if the AP isn’t helping to encourage that (again, I totally agree with what you’re saying).

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