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10 September 2008 / April


I am so sick of working on college essays. I’m taking the same number of AP classes as I did last year, but they are assigning way less homework, i.e. none. So far. This means I’ve been actually practicing piano– unusual for the school year– and doing lots of college stuff.

It’s so weird, because since maybe 8th grade there’s always been a really distinct dividing line between “summer, yay relaxing” and “school, gah working.” But now I’m still walking places and spending time sitting on the grass playing Solitaire on my iPod, and during the summer I still did a lot of essay-writing. The line has blurred.

I’m also still marveling at the fact that school doesn’t have to be equivalent to a shitload of work and stress. I just can’t wrap my mind around this. Hearing about everyone else’s busy schedules makes me feel like I should toss in AP Bio or something, just so I have something to complain about. But then I remember 1) I can’t actually accommodate any more classes once my Cornell course is taken into account, and 2) I don’t want to complain about stuff. I don’t have to complain about stuff.

But I can still complain about college essays. Or having to run down from Cornell this morning because I was late. (Which was almost entirely because I stopped to get coffee, which was totally worth it, which makes it much harder to complain.) Or the fact that there were a few minutes during Latin that Maddie and I didn’t spend laughing, which seems like such a waste when it’s Maddie we’re talking about here. Or the existence of Government class.

Or having nothing to complain about, which is kind of what the rest of this entry was about.



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  1. Mimzy / Sep 10 2008 7:20 pm

    Hehe, it’s kind of like that for me.

    It was even worse last year, because I didn’t take AP Bio and basically everyone else did, and they basically complained about it every single day and I spent my after-school hours twiddling my thumbs and occasionally reorganizing my music collection. =)

  2. April / Sep 10 2008 9:31 pm

    I hear ya. People are just like, “Oh, I’m taking another science because I had too many free periods” and I’m thinking, “… And this is a problem WHY, exactly?”

  3. Kati / Sep 10 2008 9:35 pm

    heehee. Who do you have for government?
    Regardless, I have Jewele F. in my class. So I beat you.
    Except Jewele’s actually really, REALLY entertaining. When we played handbook bingo, she coined the phrase “Imma bingo your HEAD!”

    I’m mostly just stressed that there’s so MUCH college stuff to do. I mean, I’ve been working on college stuff for over a solid year. Still, I have an essay to finish, revise, and perfect (and that’s only if it’s good enough for me not to scrap), supplements to do, guidance stuff, the ACT…
    that’s why I can’t wait for it to be over.

  4. April / Sep 11 2008 6:36 pm

    I have Ms. D for gov (she’s new… you probably don’t know her).

    Yeah, I’ve been working for college stuff for about a solid month, so I guess I only have myself to blame… Rumor has it, it’ll be over sooner than we think…

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