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4 September 2008 / April

Almost verbatim, unfortunately

“I think,” I said over the roar of the food processor, “smoothies are really…. good.”

My mom turned off the processor and opened it up to check on her concoction of wild pears and soy beans.

“That… was going to be a more well-developed thought.”

She laughed.  I laughed.  I continued, against my nonexistent better judgment.  “It just seems like a nice thing to have.  You know– chop up some fruit and put it in the blender with yogurt and ice.  It seems like a nice easy thing to make when you want to have some fruit, but also dairy… and… something to drink.”


“What am I talking about?”

“Yeah, you should go to bed.”

(School summary coming later.  I know, like you were worried.)


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