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3 September 2008 / April

Another day, another library

During the past three days, I’ve been to four different libraries.  Right now, I’m at Olin after having circumvented the ubiquitous construction to go to the most boring thing I’ve done all summer: section.

I assume it’ll be better once we start learning actual new things and I have actual questions, but today it was just having another TA tell us the exact same information we’d covered in lecture.  I just sat slumped in my chair drawing palm trees in my notes and thinking WHY WHY WHY.  I would definitely consider not attending in the future unless I have problems with the material, except section is also where we turn in homework– incidentally not something I’ve done since freshman year.  Of high school.

So it is what I consider to be– astronomy and college classes be damned– the last day of summer, and I spent a couple hours of it in class, a half hour getting my shiny new Cornell ID, a bajillion hours sweating in the great outdoors– and a couple hours writing college essays.  Er, college essay, singular.  I need three, so I’ve written three, but two of them are alternates for the same question and then I appropriated something else I’d written to answer the third question, and that something else happens to be about three times as long as it should be, and none of them I like very much, and they’re due in 27 days.  And school is starting.

Which means you may very well see me blogging from yet another library tomorrow.  My first period class is that rigorous course known as FREE.  Yeah.

Oh, to be a senior and a freshman all at the same time.


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