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30 August 2008 / April

In which I have a little too much fun with Photo Booth

Rather than write essays or practice Prokofiev or learn about arrays, I decided to take pictures with Photo Booth.  Because, I mean, I can do all that other stuff later.

First I considered what book to read next, looking very shadowy while I was at it.

Photo 46

Then I decided to be motivational.  And modify the results extensively.  (Normally, that little arrow points towards my to-do list.)  (PS. This motivational technique only works the first time.)


Then I let my poor overworked webcam have a moment in the spotlight and take a self-portrait.

Photo 59

I liked this idea.  A lot.

Photo 60

Photo 63

Photo 65

Photo 69

Finally, I was inspired by the topic of the book I’m reading to take a picture of it in a very appropriate manner.

Photo 96

You are never bored with a Mac.  😀

Note: Besides the one I mentioned, all the other photos are unedited except for a little cropping.  Mostly due to laziness.



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  1. Kari / Aug 31 2008 9:39 pm

    Holymolars. That thing’s a CAMERA? I always imagined webcams being fairly big and awkward computer appendages.

  2. April / Aug 31 2008 10:12 pm

    That is because you do not use a Mac. 😀


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