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29 August 2008 / April

Obligatory “Hey, I went to a Cornell class!” post

My biggest surprise was actually how small it was; it was about the size of my Calc class last year (less than 30 kids), which is not what you expect when you think first year class at huge university.  But there you go.

Also, I was expecting to see at least one IHS kid whom I know vaguely but am not friends with.  And there was no one!  One former IHS student, but no one I knew.  I felt so lost and alone.

It was not helped by the fact that we went around saying our names and our majors, which was difficult for me for obvious reasons.  The reaction was about what you’d expect.  I’ve had either Bryton or Rayleigh or both in my math classes since 6th grade, but now neither.  They always deflected the “Omigod you’re so smart!” thing from me (because omigod, they’re so smart).  So guess who gets to take the heat now?

Anyway, our professor is French, and therefore writes European ones and nines (or shall I say g’s?) and occasionally asks for spelling help.  From what I can tell from our very first class, he seems decent and possibly very good, but honestly I can’t say.

I took the bus home because it was pouring rain and I didn’t feel like walking.  Also because since when does a bus come anywhere near our home?!  Sweet!  It stops about a half hour away, which is nothing, and besides, today I got a ride with a neighbor right to the very end of my driveway.  So I didn’t walk at all?  Weird.  Unfortunately, since I do not have my Cornell ID yet, I still had to do the whole paying fares business.  At least it was only 50 cents.

Things from yesterday that I never mentioned.  I went to IHS and saw first Mr. J, holding two cups of coffee, and Mr. D, holding a stack of schedules, in quick succession.

Mr. J asked me how many classes I was taking.  I did a quick mental inventory: four.  Not including gym, of course.

“Oh, that’s not bad.  Well, with the Cornell class–”

“Yeah.  And three of them are AP classes.”

He shook his head.  “Three APs, that’s a lot.”

“Well, I took three last year…”

“… Oh.”

Mr. D had all those schedules, including mine, because he was trying to schedule seminar.  We looked over them very thoroughly, and it’s looking iffy unless a lot (i.e. like four) of current Calc students take seminar.  Like for instance, there is absolutely no way my schedule can accommodate any changes whatsoever to free up  a lunch period.  Trust me, I asked.

And it was heartbreaking just how disappointed Mr. D was when he learned I couldn’t take seminar or Fractals.  Sigh.  Hopefully second semester?

After lunch (and seeing Eva, quite serendipitously) , I went to the public library to interview for an internship.  Because I don’t have enough things to do.  It would mostly involve officey type activities– filing and sending mailings and so on.  The director seemed fairly impressed with me, but we’ll see.

A bit later I went to work, and surprisingly still sold ice cream (albeit very little) despite the 60 degree weather and rain.  I also got to be downtown for part of IY and Jimkata’s concert, which was cool.  Still, the weather or something put a damper on our business, so we closed like an hour early, which was good because I was exhausted (remember, I’d been up at Cornell in the morning too).

Which brings me to today.



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  1. Rachel / Aug 30 2008 8:47 pm

    I had the same experience – no one I knew in class. Make friends with someone; there will come a day when you will not want to puzzle through your problem set all alone. Also, have you been to section yet? There are sometimes different people there, so there’s still a chance you’ll see someone you know.

    I think it’s much better to get over with the “I’m still in high school” business at the beginning of the semester. Both semesters, I managed to keep it mostly quite, but then was in the awkward position of later having to explain things like “no I don’t know where Balche is … it’s a freshman dorm? … well uh, I’m uh, not exactly a Cornell student…..” to random kids in my class who were then shocked that they hadn’t discovered this earlier.

  2. April / Aug 30 2008 8:57 pm

    No, haven’t been to section yet… And I guess I agree that later = awkwarder with the high school thing. I feel like I had another question for you about this but I can’t recall at the moment…

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