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28 August 2008 / April

On stupidity and failing at things

Yeah, I’m happy right now.

I went to Day Hall to register for my Cornell class and got a bit of a sticker shock, except it was really more like a laminated-sheet-on-the-counter shock.  This is really more because of my own sheer stupidity than anything else.  It’s also because Cornell classes are shitfuckingly expensive.  But anyway.

Then I called my mom and afterwards felt terrible for guilting her into something she didn’t want to do using all the dirty tricks of the trade.

Then I went to the library to see if I could get a Cornell library card, and they said I should have gotten one when I registered.  So I went back to Day Hall, where the lady was quite happy to see me because my registration form was woefully incomplete, even though it had passed through their hands twice before as well as those of the math department.  Could you have told me the first time?  And I couldn’t get a student ID anyway, because I haven’t been “processed” yet.

Then I got my textbooks.  Hey, guess what else is expensive?

When I went to pay for them, the guy asked me, “Do you want to swipe your student ID?” and I suddenly panicked, because it seemed like only Cornell students could buy stuff at the store and maybe I couldn’t buy a textbook and maybe I had just paid for a class for which I wouldn’t have the textbook and which I would consequently fail and that would be the end of my academic career–

“Oh,” he realized, “you’re not a Cornell student.”  And he continued ringing up my purchase.

I exhaled.  “Yeah.”

Then as I was leaving, I realized my registration form was going to be my proof of taking a Cornell class when I turned in my extension form to my AP, which I’m doing just later today, and I should have asked for a copy of it.  I guess I’ll just show her my textbooks and assume she’ll assume I wouldn’t have bought them if I weren’t taking a class, because that would be logical, wouldn’t it now Mr. Bureaucracy.

Welcome to college, young pseudo-college student.  Your first class is tomorrow.



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  1. Sarah / Sep 1 2008 1:39 pm

    Ahhhh…. assumptions and bureaucracy. Fun, fun.


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