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22 August 2008 / April

Twelve hours downtown

Twelve awesome hours.  First I went to the school to get some forms (which was, er, not so awesome) and visited Ithaca Falls, which I haven’t done since like 9th grade English– or maybe this day.  That was awesome.


I also wrote the entirety of my AP Lit paper on A Prayer for Owen Meany during those 12 hours, mostly in Autumn Leaves and CTB.  I tried really hard to make it not an irreligious rant.  But the parts that weren’t turned out utterly horrible, while the parts that were were at least readable.  Yeah, it needs some editing.  But it’s done!  Ish!

(Note to everyone who’s found my blog by searching for some variation of “AP Literature essays”: I’m not helping you.  Go away.  Or actually, stay and leave me lots of nice comments!  But you’re on your own with Owen Meany.)

The truly awesome part of my day then was meeting Katarina for our traditional coconut French sodas and general life discussions, plus seeing Phoebe (of fork bracelet fame) and Ari at CTB when we went there for lunch.  Good stuff.

Then there was work.  The customer of the day was the rather sketchy looking guy who asked if he could get free ice cream.  “No, I’m sorry,” I told him, “But I could give you some at a discount if you told me you were going to spend the money on a really good cause.  Like donating it to children in Myanmar or something.”

He considered this for a few moments.  “I won’t buy crack with it.”

I laughed.

“Wow,” he said after some thought, “I really can’t think of a really good reason why you should give me ice cream.  I guess I don’t really need it.”

Happy to have helped you come to such an insightful conclusion, I thought.  “Maybe next time!” I said.

He walked off, shouting to the Commons at large, “I’ll shoot it up my veins!”

Now, to me, it was clear that this was a sarcastic (god I hope so) response to my challenge to provide a good reason for me to give him ice cream.  To everyone else, this was perhaps not as clear.

I think we need to add drug-dealing to building atomic weapons and cannibalism as things Brötchen workers do.

Perhaps this is a good time to talk about graffiti!

Without question, the best bathroom graffiti I have ever encountered is in the DeWitt Mall bathroom.  It’s not like the scribbles in IHS bathrooms, which are all about “so-and-so’s a bitch” and “I got laid last night” and terrible grammar.  There’s some deep stuff written on these plaster walls.  Allow me to illustrate with the following interchange I found a few weeks ago (each quote is a new writer):

“I hate Jesus”
“He loves you, no matter what”
“It’s all fairy tales. Have you ever heard of the CRUSADES?”
“He was a kind soul, probably gay, probably heavily influenced by Buddhism during his trip to India.  He is, however, DEAD.  But a revolutionary nonetheless.”

And with the following item I found today:



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