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20 August 2008 / April

Harvard: more than meets the eye?

I’ve been trying to be a diligent college researcher and read just about everything each college (that I’m interested in) has to say.

But the Harvard viewbook is very long.

So I was making the transition from “reading every word” to “reading the stuff in big colored letters and looking at the pictures,” and feeling my eyes starting to glaze over, and thinking I should maybe start on my second AP Lit essay now that I know for sure I’ll be able to take the class– when I reached the section on extracurriculars and the following statement, in plain black type, caught my eye:

There are pirates, too.


Except what it actually said was

There are parties, too.

Which is just boring, and probably not something that Harvard needs to advertise.

I’m not even sure how my brain managed to swap the “r” and the “a” and shunt the “i” all the way to the beginning, but then again I’m not sure how my brain does all sorts of things.

If I end up at Harvard, I will start a pirates club.  It will be some kind of underground organization that buries “treasure” (like a chest full of paper clips) in random places and leaves treasure maps around so people could find them.  And we would occasionally interrupt class by saying “ARR” for no reason at all.  It’ll be a very exclusive club.  Everyone will be clamoring to get in.

Um, so anyway.



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  1. Kari / Aug 22 2008 9:51 am

    Well *I* am going to start a pirates club regardless of where I go!
    …so there


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