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14 August 2008 / April

Team mini golf and crêpes with Nutella

Yesterday I got to hang out with Ashley, Michelle, Michelle’s sister Erin, and their friend from France whose name I won’t attempt spelling.  Yay, social life!

First we went mini golfing, which when we’re playing isn’t really mini golfing at all.  We describe it as “team mini golf,” where we leave our scorecard at hole 7 and everyone kinda helps each other get the ball in the hole through whatever means possible– hitting with their clubs, or kicking, or yelling at the ball.  Anything goes.  It’s a very intense game.


We also tried unusually hard to get the ball into the water, which resulted in water fights.


Finally, after playing some holes twice (heh), we got Dibs…


… And finally went home (er, Michelle’s home, that is) to make crêpes!  Which taste divine with Nutella and ice cream.  Then again, what wouldn’t?


(She’d had more successful crêpe flippings, by the way.)

Actually, our first attempt at making crêpes resulted in a mixture with the consistency of pancake batter, which I learned is not what you want for crêpes.  We were using a French recipe and it turns out we’d done some conversions, uh, slightly incorrectly.  And added four and a half cups of flour instead of one.  Silly America, please use the metric system!

Erin insisted on attempted to make a crêpe with this decidedly failed mixture.  This resulted in something that looked highly unappetizing.  “It looks like the bastard child of a pancake and a crêpe,” I decided.  “It looks like dead skin,” pronounced Ashley.


(It looked much worse in reality than it does in that picture.)  With enough Nutella though, it ended up tasting pretty good. For something that looked like dead skin.

While the others waxed artistic with their crêpe shapes (stars! letters! peace signs that end up looking like skulls, ominously!), Ashley, Michelle, and I went to the living room to play a variety of card games, most of which I sucked at.  John Travolta is basically the only game I can ever win.  Though I won Gin once!

Later we also played ping pong in this crazy manner that involved everyone running around the table… I unfortunately have no photos of this.  Or, better yet, videos.  You’ll just have to use your imagination, the old-fashioned way.



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  1. Kari / Aug 14 2008 1:39 pm

    Oh man, that brings me back…to monday morning. People had stayed overnight for the fairy princess party (that SOMEBODY didn’t attend…glareglare), and I was making pancakes. The problem was that I had a major case of the mornings, which is strange because I’m definitely a morning person. But I decided to pour the pancake batter into cool shapes on the pan, and I ended up accidentally making a PenisPancake. And then I was like “…oh wait, this looks like a giant penis.” and tried to fix it and make it not one, but it only became more of one.
    …and that is my anecdote of the day.
    -kati (;

  2. April / Aug 15 2008 11:32 am

    That’s classic, Kati… And I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your party, what with working and people being unwilling to drive me… and Brooktondale is a little far for me to walk.


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