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12 August 2008 / April



1. Succumbed to my true Ithacan nature and sunk a fortune on a pair of Birkenstocks.  Seriously, though, I need good well-constructed sandals if I’m going to be walking Downtown and spending the day on my feet at Brötchen.  Which I’ve already been doing, in flip flops mostly.  So my feet hate me.  I tried wearing sneakers today (ick, sneakers in the summer…) and was rewarded with blisters on the backs of my heels, which is happy and everything.

2. Met Stacy Downtown today!  Yay!  We ate pseudo-Mexican food at Viva’s, and I introduced her to the miracle that is French coconut sodas at the Autumn Leaves cafe.  We also wandered the Commons wishing we had more money (say I who just bought a pair of Birks) and conversed profusely.  She’s leaving for Dream College (AKA Bryn Mawr) in like five days, and I will miss her much.

3. My lower back is killing me.  Congratulations, April, you are officially old.

4. I finished A Prayer for Owen Meany, part of the summer reading for AP English Literature (henceforth to be referred to as “AP Lit” in this blog).  I’ve decided that A Prayer for Owen Meany is the exact same book as The Chosen.  Both are essentially coming of age stories, narrated by a mostly unremarkable guy but focused primarily on his best friend, who is extremely smart, profoundly religious, and unnaturally perceptive.  Of course, there are a million differences between these books, but their cores feel so alike that the similarities seem to drown out the disparities.

Also baseball is pivotal in both.

I could rant a while about how much Owen Meany annoys me.  I think I’ll just make that my essay though.

5. I’m sort of at that state of exhaustion where my head feels detached from the rest of my body, which is not altogether comfortable.  I should go to bed.  But I’m waiting for an e-mail.

6. … Actually, screw that, I’ll go to bed now and get up early to check my e-mail tomorrow.  It’s not like I don’t do that sort of thing during the school year or something.

7. School!


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