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8 August 2008 / April

Seen today

1. My piano teacher– and more importantly, her insanely renovated studio!  She likes to add a little construction chaos to her life every once in a while, but this is the biggest it’s ever been in the studio area.  The floors are hardwood instead of rug, the chairs in the waiting room have changed, there’s a desk and more shelves and new ceiling lights and the piano is in a new corner (gah! weird!).

And the mini pianos are back!  She displayed her mini piano collection a long time ago but took them away because they presented serious dusting issues.  But now they’re back and more numerous than ever.  Dust problem is still there, I guess.

2. This book. (Look at me, says this book to the world!  I’m a huge nerd!)  It holds a special place in my heart for the following reason.  I put it on my book list back in 7th or 8th grade, back before I knew the first thing about group theory or that such a field even exists, perhaps merely because it had an intriguing title or something.  I soon forgot about it in the pile of other titles added to the list.

Until earlier this summer, when I went through the book list to create an entirely new and improved Booklist 2.0.  I typed this intriguing title into Amazon and read some summaries and reviews– and suddenly I realized it was exactly the sort of subject matter I’d been reading recently!  It felt like I had prophesied my enjoyment of these topics before I’d even heard of them.  It was actually quite mind-blowing at the time, though upon retelling the tale it seems a little mundane.

Anyway, so short story long, the book was shortlisted and I was very excited to see it (and buy it!) at Autumn Leaves.

3. A dollar coin, which I got as change for that book.  Or so I thought.

My wallet was feeling a little thin when I went upstairs to the cafe, but I was going to be staying there for over three hours and it seemed a little rude to do so without purchasing anything.  “How much are the cookies with tax?” I queried the guy behind the counter (who happened to be young and not at all bad looking).

“Two dollars.”

I checked out my financial status.  I had a dollar bill, the dollar coin, and three other coins whose identities I didn’t bother learning since dude, I totally had enough money for a cookie!  Yay!  “Okay, I will have a peanut butter cookie, please.”

He fetched one for me and set it on the counter.  “Anything else?”

No, I can’t afford anything else, unless you sell drinks for 20 cents.  But all I said was “No.”

I gave him the bill and the dollar coin, sat down and started counting my remaining coins.  And thinking, because something felt not quite right.  I had started the day with a ten dollar bill.  I had bought a book for $8.10 and a cookie for $2, and I had a quarter, a nickel, and a dime.


Either the man downstairs had given me the wrong change, or–

I quickly got up again and went back to the cashier after he had finished with another customer.  “Sorry, can you look at that coin I gave you and see whether it’s a dollar or 50 cents?”

A little mystified, he opened the cash register and picked up my coin, flipping it over and examining it carefully.  “Oh.  It’s a half dollar.”

“Okay.  Well, I only have 40 more cents.”  I showed him the three pathetic little coins sitting in my palm, as though he needed the proof.  Sure, I could easily have had more money hidden in my pockets.  But he had accepted the half dollar coin without a second glance.  If I was going to lie about my money, all I had to do was keep silent.

“That’s fine,” he told me immediately.  I thanked him sincerely and gratefully, gave him the three coins, and sat down again.

Autumn Leaves, I owe you a dime.  And I owe that guy some serious tips, because I know how good it feels to get those.

4. Not many customers.  At all.  Probably because it was “cold,” i.e. about 60 degrees and windy.  Rain felt imminent.  In fact, I was told I could leave about three hours early because there was no point for three of us to be there with like one customer an hour.

One of those customers, however, was the customer of the day, who thought our “kinder scoop” was a flavor.  “No, it’s our smallest size,” I informed him.

“Oh.  Is it German?”

“Yeah, it’s German for ‘child.'”  I paused.  “Which is why it’d be funny if it were a flavor.”

So we make nuclear weapons, we eat children– what other terrible atrocities could Brötchen workers commit?



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  1. Stacy / Aug 9 2008 2:00 am

    Apri, are you feel anytime soon next week? (Uh, not Monday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday?… Which leaves Tuesday!) I need to hang out with you before going off to college! I still haven’t tried those famous French Coconut sodas as Autumn Leaves. ❤

  2. April / Aug 9 2008 10:24 am

    Er, if there were any possible way you could do Friday or Saturday that would probably be better… But Tuesday would work too– anything to ensure my presence for your first sip of French coconut soda! Maybe late morning? Or we could eat lunch! 😀

  3. Stacy / Aug 9 2008 11:06 pm

    I think I’m in Toronto for Friday and hanging out with Johnathan (crossing fingers because I’m really not sure) on Saturday. If Tuesday’s okay then 😀 😀 :D. And yay lunch! Want to meet there or something? I’m going to go through Awesome April Withdrawal once I leave!

  4. April / Aug 10 2008 3:46 pm

    Tuesday lunch sounds excellent. We could even eat at Autumn Leaves (I don’t eat meals there much, but we can see what they have) but definitely at least meet there. I’m going to go through Stupendous Stacy Withdrawal once you leave!

  5. Stacy / Aug 10 2008 5:05 pm

    Yay! I’m going to e-mail you about this then. 😀 😀


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