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27 July 2008 / April

To do

I had every intention of writing a blog entry, probably about my weekend of working at Brötchen because dude, what else is going on in my life besides that?  Answer: LOTS, all of which somehow gets between me and you darling readers.  What the hell, man, this is summer vacation, not a romance novel.  Nothing should get between us but sunshine and humidity.

I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Ever since I got my Macbook there have been serious issues with my printer/scanner/deluxe electronic device, the resolution of which I had been postponing as long as I could.  But then tonight I had to scan something and come face to face with the dreaded HP Setup Assistant.

Which I had actually trashed a while ago because it kept popping up every time I started up my computer and it was getting bloody obnoxious.  But it turns out it was useful.

None of this is at all important, which is why I’m not concerning myself with actually explaining it.

So anyway, I had to scour and cleanse my computer of every last HP-related thing, restart it; redownload all the relevant software, reinstall it, resetup it, reeverything it, and FINALLY IT WORKED.  And in my inconceivable joy I produced an easily misinterpretable Twitter message and a scan of my to-do list.


By the way, I have an urgent query for all owners of small furry rodents– hamsters, rabbits, whatever.  Does your pet eat “feed” or “food”?  You’ve got dog food and chicken feed, cat food and horse feed. I have a theory on this, and the renowned scholar My Mom has another (totally preposterous, of course) theory.  The winning version of The Truth depends on– what you call the stuff your rodent consumes.  Isn’t the world wacky?

Good god, I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “wacky” before.  I need some sleep.


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