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19 July 2008 / April


How sad is it that basically the whole time I was at Brötchen yesterday, I was thinking, “Man, this is the stuff blog entries are made of”?

Anyway, the customer of the day was the very first guy I served, who did a beautiful double take when he saw we had ice cream outside on a 90+ degree day.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so excited about getting a raspberry sorbet, or so delighted upon receiving it.  “You’re a life saver,” he told me. “I will never forget you.”

The runner-up was the guy who swung by twice for mint chocolate chip.  The first time I wasn’t even sure whether he was going to buy anything or was just hurtin’ for some conversation.  He told me I should go to Yellowstone, and send him a postcard while I was there.  Which would be difficult since I don’t know who he is.  The second time he insisted on moving my umbrella so I wouldn’t be in the sun.  It was kind of random.

What I really want to do is have a camera, maybe set up with a timer to take photos every so often (or, er, video I guess), because besides the people who actually come to get ice cream, there’s just so much to see on the Commons.  The old men who sit around all day, the gangs of hippies– and there must be even more of them when Grassroots isn’t going on– the father and toddler in matching sunglasses, the cross dressers, the girl with a shirt saying “Make art not war”…  All the Ithacaness just deserves to be photographically documented.

But instead, all I have is a nice little piece of graffiti I found while walking from IC to the Commons.



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