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6 July 2008 / April

Packing should not take this long

I’m going to Prague tomorrow.  Well, I’m getting up at 5 AM (blech) and going to Oneonta first, then I’m going to NYC, then I’m going to Prague.  I’ll be back late-ish next Monday, so unlike last year or the year before, I’ll be back before you know it.  A week is no time at all.

For the first time in my traveling career, I could theoretically take my laptop along and blog whilst abroad.  But I’m not going to.  I’m like a new mother, very very protective of her little one.  Very very unwilling to travel with her little one.  Etc.

Normally I’d make this much more eloquently contemplative, but I had a long day of puzzling over voltage converters (Hey world!  Can everyone just go with 220 V and round-pronged plugs?  Or whatever, as long as they’re all the same.), meandering around Borders (“Have you been finding everything okay?” “Um, actually, I can’t find my mother.”), playing the piano (what else is new…), eating ice cream (Oregon blackberry cheesecake!  I didn’t know that was a real flavor either!), and packing packing packing.  You know– cleaning shampoo bottles, randomly switching suitcases, placing shirts in a careful arrangement that will be ruined as soon as it leaves my hands– the works.

Oh, travel.  I’ve known about this trip for well over a year, but it’s still managed to take me by surprise.

Bye, Ithaca.  See you later.


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