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2 July 2008 / April

Post-ambulation cogitations

I walked from Downtown to home today, and though that’s happened before, that doesn’t mean I have to be used to it.  Ergo, I’m really tired.

Every time I stand up, my legs start shrieking at me.  “STOP STOP YOU’RE HURTING US!!!”  “Calm down,” I tell them sternly, “I’m not going to kill you or anything.  (I mean, c’mon, you’re my legs!)”  “That’s because we’ve already died!  A cruel and torturous death!” they cry.  “I don’t appreciate the melodrama.”  “We don’t appreciate the two hour uphill walks!”  “Walk.  There was only one.  And it was nice.”  “Bullshit.  That’s just what your head wants you to think.”  “…”

Well, I bought them pants.  They should count their blessings.

Yesterday I sifted through all my college emails from early May (which was a lot), and it feels really good to have an inbox with an unread count of just one.  By the way, I promise that I will start thinking seriously about college this summer.  But not till after Prague.  Everything waits till after Prague.

Except for the things that have to happen before Prague, like finding out if I’ll be making big bucks playing Suzuki tunes this summer, and packing.

I might also be able to finish learning my Prokofiev piano concerto in the remaining four days, if I keep digesting notes at my current pace.  Normally I would not be learning something so gnarly so quickly, but now is an exception because I seriously have nothing else to spend my time on.

Plus, playing modern music is kind of ungratifying during the early stages, since it never seems like you’re playing anything right.  I want to get past this phase as rapidly as possible.


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