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29 June 2008 / April

Seven things

Stacy, in her infinite wisdom, has gazed into the crystal ball of her mind (because those of infinite wisdom have no need for an actual sphere of crystal; kind of heavy, you know).  “Lo!” quoth she, “April has nothing to blog about!  Thus I shall bestow upon her this meme, that she may go forth and blog about that which pleases her: herself.”


1. This is a (backwards, Photo Booth-produced) photo of my room, specifically its walls.

Photo 2

Now that I have posted this online, I think I no longer have any reason to feel embarrassment.  I mean, look at it– National Geographic maps, my sister’s math project from 6th grade, a Hello Kitty shopping bag from 2000, an ice cream cone birthday card from before I was conscious (i.e. 6 years old)…  No one is allowed to suffer the immaturity my room besides my family.  No one.

2. This is a photo of Cayuga Lake at Stewart Park.


I have a penchant for sitting and staring at natural bodies of water for bizarrely long periods of time.  It is such an angsty teenager thing to do, but I don’t do it because I’m depressed or feeling spiritual or whatever.  I do it because the water looks so awesome when you stare at it for long enough.

Also it makes me feel happy and at peace and stuff.  But mostly it’s because the water looks awesome.

3. This is a (baaad) photo of the Unitarian Church.


Okay, this isn’t relevant, but you see that cube hanging from the ceiling?  I’ve played like three recitals in the Unitarian every year for 13 years, and every time I can’t help but look at that cube and wonder, “What the hell is that for?”

Anyway.  I’ve been playing piano at a Methodist church for over a year now.  I am not the least bit religious and took the job purely as that– a job, where I work and get money.  The people are incredibly nice and I don’t regret supporting them or anything, but I always wondered a little whether after going to church every week and listening to sermons about God’s love for a long time, I would gradually get indoctrinated and become religious.

It hasn’t happened.  I am as much a godless heathen as I was before.

4. This is a photo of what Mr. J wrote on my last APUSH test of the year.


You know what I said earlier about never feeling embarrassment again?  Scratch that.  Yes indeed, I take photos of good test grades and cool stuff teachers write on my papers.  I have a lovely photo of the time Steve gave me extra credit for randomly noting the presence of the Fibonacci series in a test problem.  You are permitted to taunt me and throw tomatoes.

5.This is a photo of the lake at IC.

No swimming or wading

I know we had that swimming unit in freshman year, during which I sort of learned to keep myself afloat, but I still don’t think what I do in the water can honestly be called “swimming.” And I don’t really mind.  Who needs to swim?  (Besides, you know, everyone.)

6. This is a photo of a Scrabble game.


I have a photo of virtually every game my sister and I played– literally every game, if you count starting in 2006 when I got my camera.  They are rather interesting to look through and see the patterns.  But due to unforeseen circumstances (which I’ve been intending to write about for a long time), it’s unlikely we’ll ever play another game.  Thank you Scrabulous.

As an aside, the highlight of my Scrabble playing career will always be “woozier” on the triple word score, with the “z” on the double letter score.  Mmm.  So nice.

7. These are photos of (some of) my buddies from People to People and (some of) my buddies from Luzerne.



I am a little obsessive about ranking the best experiences of my life.  But mostly I’m happy that I’m only 17 and already have so many “best experiences” that saying which one’s the best “best experience” becomes difficult.

And on that warm and fuzzy note, I conclude.  If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.  This is the best way to go about doing this since I have approximately negative one readers (plus Stacy, who tagged me, so…).


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