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28 June 2008 / April


Me: “Did you put ginger in these?  Because they taste like you were trying to make ginger and oatmeal raisin cookies… at the same time.”

Mom: “No.  There are two reasons why they might taste like ginger.  No ginger, though.”

Me: “Okay…”

Mom: “First, I think I added too much molasses; ginger cookies always have a lot of molasses.  Second, I put this powder in… where is it….”  She rummages in a cupboard and presents an unlabeled ziploc bag with some brown powder.

Me: “… A ‘powder’?  What’s in it?”

Mom: “Um… I think… plum, and some other…. things…”

Me: “Okay, where did you get it?  Some dealer in an alleyway?”

Mom: “Haha, no, a friend gave it to me.  To eat with tomatoes.”

Me: “… The plot thickens.”

Mom: “You see why I didn’t want to explain this to you?  It just starts sounding weirder and weirder.”


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