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27 June 2008 / April

Another ending

Listen.  Do you hear that?  That is the sound of my actual summer break beginning.

It sounds a little like Poulenc.

As of now, I officially have NO MORE SENIOR RECITALS… until my own!  I think I’ve been rehearsing every waking moment—i.e. at least once a week—since spring break up until now.  I actually had people coming up to me at the reception after Maira, Maria, and Cecelia’s recital this evening and saying, “Good job… again.”  And I got to tell them, “Thanks for coming… again.”  Ryan asked me how many recitals I’ve played for this season and it was a bit embarrassing because I’d actually lost count.  I believe the answer is five.

But it matters not, because it is all over.  This was a very nice recital too, what with the harpsichords backstage and the camaraderie and the frolicking at the playground and the lemon bars.  And the music.

I was also asked at least a dozen times whether I was going to study music in college.  Clearly I need to formulate a better answer for this apparently crucial question, because “I don’t know” isn’t cutting it for these people.

Also, while I’ve got you here thinking about senior recitals, you should know that anyone whom I’ve accompanied, anyone whose recital I played at, anyone whose orchestra I’ve participated in, anyone for whose choir or group class or anything I have provided pianistic support (which basically covers the entire population of Ithaca), is required to attend my senior recital next year.  It was in the fine print of that nonexistent contract I had you sign– you know, the one that states “The undersigned agrees that April will accompany him or her in return for slave wages and his or her attendance at April’s senior recital.”

If you come, I promise to make it worth your while.

In other news, I am exhausted beyond all belief and my internet isn’t working.  Life is good.


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