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26 June 2008 / April

Imagine what I’ll be like next year

So, it’s graduation day and I have been merrily traipsing around town since nine this morning.  I have been to two CTB locations (I’m in Collegetown itself now), Autumn Leaves, the public library, Bartels Hall… and I’ll be going back to Bartels Hall in an hour.  Ish.

At least it’s not roasting hot today like 2006, or tornado-ing like 2007 (… no blog entry? What is this?).  This means it will perhaps be tolerably hot at the ceremony and the choir will maybe be able to hear itself sing without the rain banging away on the tin roof.  (Is it actually tin?)

I still am completely against you people graduating.  But I will do my best not to disrupt the ceremony.  I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.  Losers.*

The people at the table next to me are talking about IHS grads going to Cornell, “what they call ‘Ithaca Festival'” and specifically Stand Up for World Peace, grad students staying in Ithaca to do research over the summer, and other such things.

Also, I’m a little ill and have this nasty cough that I hope won’t strike during the national anthem or something.

I know what is coming at graduation.  I don’t need to blog about it afterwards.  The uplifting performance of Pomp and Circumstance, the teary-eyed soloists in the senior song, the long inspiring speeches, the hands tired from applause, the endless recitation of 400 names, the crowd of parents rushing to snap photos, the beach balls being tossed about, the hugs, the tossing of hats, the chaos following.  Sure, this year there is a depressing proportion of my friends who will be walking across that stage, more than in previous years.  Sure, afterwards I could legitimately call myself a senior.  Sure, I myself will be wearing a cap and gown at the next graduation ceremony I attend.  Why would that make it any different from other years?

And now, my laptop battery is running low.


*I love you all.  Congratulations, class of ’08.



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  1. leafless / Jun 26 2008 5:47 pm

    Congratulations to all who graduated or will be graduated this spring.


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