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21 June 2008 / April


So actually, my life is spectacularly uninteresting right now.  I spent an hour leisurely eating dinner, much of it spent marveling over the word “gnocchi” and how it seems to have so many more consonants than “instant” even though they have the exact same number and distribution of vowels and consonants.  (It has to do with the proportion of unnecessary letters, I decided.)  I received only one email all day– except wait!  I just got two more!  This is very exciting.

I also organized one desk drawer.  I moved my old eMac out of my room, leaving me with a unnaturally large amount of very dusty desk space.  Right now it is being used to hold all the random cords I have for all my gadgets.  I played some Beethoven.  I almost went to the festival, but I went yesterday and I’m going tomorrow and I was still wearing my pajamas anyway.

But I ended up changing out of my pajamas in the end, since I went to take a walk and talk about all the different names I get called by various people.  So maybe I should’ve gone to the festival anyway?  I actually thought we were going to go to the Farmers’ Market to get vegetables (vegetables! yay!), but somehow that didn’t happen.

I looked for suitably large Escher tessellations for my desktop image, or shall I say Escher wallpaper (groups) for my wallpaper.  Oh I am so witty.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t dredge up anything good, so now the Orion Nebula is adorning my screen.  Because it is pretty, and I don’t have any nice photos of my own on this computer.  YET.

Congratulations, you are now equipped to talk about my decidedly dull day in great detail.


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