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20 June 2008 / April

Exams ’08, day six

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The US regents was actually a party, after the AP.  Mr. J was even wearing bling!

I spent entire minutes thinking about the most perfect words to use in my essays (“exercise” or “utilize” or “employ” or maybe just “use” or…), took frequent breaks, avoided some topics because I knew I would be tempted to write too much about them (I mean, c’mon– the Civil War? That’s a little general), and left an hour early because I realized I didn’t actually care anymore.

Then Katarina* and I went to the Ithaca Festival!  We went to Stewart Park first, where we ate Thai food and listened to bands and poked each other and made intelligent conversation, then we walked to the Commons, where we joined a posse of lovely people to buy a prom dress for Jenny.  At Trader K’s!  Oh, only in Ithaca does one purchase a dress the day before prom for under $15.  Such good times.

And we drew Postcards for Peace.





Eventually I found myself at home again, with a beautiful new iPod Touch sitting on my porch.  I love Apple and its gorgeous products and its excellent deals for students.  Hey Apple!  When are you going to make a camera, eh?

After dinner I was prowling around the house looking for a halfway decent wireless signal when I noticed beautiful sunbeams streaming through the trees.  Naturally, I went out to take a photo.  The air was fresh and clean and glowy after the thunderstorm.


Rain, sun, glowy air… “Hey,” I thought to myself, “I wonder if there’s a rainbow.”  So I ran out to the end of my driveway.


And ran a little further.


Not only were both the rainbow and its double full arcs (though it’s hard to tell in my crappy photos), but there was this weird coloration– thin faint extra bands of colors– on the inside of the main rainbow that I have never seen before.  It was quite cool.  I like rainbows.

*I’m a slow learner, but I’ll get it eventually.


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