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18 June 2008 / April

Guess what?

Firstly, my sister’s ancient version of Firefox (1.0.7!!!) apparently hates WordPress, so I am composing this entry in Gmail.  So if it has a distinctly different flavor than my usual fare, that is undoubtedly why.  There also may be some spaces missing because the space key on this keyboard is unusually hard.

(Did I mention that my keyboard is now fixed? It just randomly decided to function again.  I am much pleased.)

Secondly, I have realized that I can predict the weather based on whether or not I have an umbrella with me.  Remember how I had it with me Monday and not only did it not rain or hail, but it was lovely and sunny and warm?

You see where this is going.  Today I did not have it with me.  And did it rain?  Was it unseasonably cold?  Yes, and yes.  Ergo, I am the weather goddess.  If your crops need water, just pray that I leave my umbrella at home.

Thirdly, I went to Brötchen this morning and I guess I’m officially hired, or something like that.  It was a bit intimidating because I don’t know how to make coffee or operate a cash register or anything.  It’s all so much harder than accompanying, of which I also did a bit today and which I at least know how to do.  But I can be friendly!  I’m good at that!  Kinda! 🙂

Fourthly, despite my best efforts, I missed the bus home.  AGAIN. Fortunately, I was dejectedly heading back Downtown to wait three hours for the next bus when who should drive by but Maira (or technically, Maira’s mom) en route to an exam.  I frantically ran after them and was thus able to mooch a ride home.  Hooray for nice people and taking advantage of them.

I was seriously considering staying and going to Mr. D’s special math session, but I was really hungry and tired and WET and I had no clue when said special math session would be taking place.  So I came home.

Where, to my surprise, (I think this is fifthly now), I got a call from Mr. D asking where I was and what had happened to me, so great was his certainty that I would be there.  He also gave me some jaw-dropping news, and I don’t use that adjective figuratively.  I will give you some details when I know more about it, but suffice it to say that all the errors I unearthed in our Calc review book may pay off.

And I don’t use that phrase figuratively.



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  1. Rachel / Jun 18 2008 5:46 pm

    Is this the same book we used last year? I remember errors in it, but not tons…

  2. April / Jun 18 2008 5:48 pm

    Evidently it got reformatted/retyped/re-something-ed and then was not proofread very carefully, so it got all error-ridden.

  3. Sarah / Jun 18 2008 6:51 pm

    hooray for april’s not figurative phrase usage! (it makes everything so much more interesting.) 🙂 btw, I have started a blog, inspired by your elegant blogging and the desire to mirror said blogging, and coupled with the realization that a blog could take the place of my 7-or-so half-filled journals. so… yeah, I think that’s all I wanted to say.

  4. April / Jun 18 2008 8:59 pm

    Aah, that’s so exciting! I’m glad to have inspired a new blogger. 😉

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