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15 June 2008 / April

Too long for a status message, too short for a blog entry

1. Five soloists + two accompanists + people playing more than one instrument = long, LONG recital.  But very nice!  Even though (or perhaps because) Andrew and I didn’t tango at the end.  Also, all the Asians happened to be wearing black and all the white people happened to be wearing blue and black, which was somewhat amusing.

2. My recital shoes are giving me lovely blisters.

3. I spent a grand total of about an hour studying for both my Latin 2 and German 4 exams.  Actually, it was all spent on Latin.  So much grammar!  And culture!  And generally more actual material than German!

I realized a little belatedly that this exam might be more difficult than I suspected, seeing as I haven’t looked at Ecce Romani grammar and vocab since like late March or something, and that’s what the exam will undoubtedly focus on, sooo…  It would be so tragic if I bombed the Latin 2 benchmark because I was busy preempting Latin 3.  Sigh.

4. How much do you wanna bet that my next blog entry (whose title you should know by now if you’re a regular reader) says that my two exams were both much easier than I was expecting?  Because that always happens!  Except this time it might not because I haven’t been studying.  Or maybe it will.

5. I vote for no rain tomorrow, or at least no rain tomorrow afternoon when I’m walking Downtown.  Since the grass is all dry and uncomfortable to sit on and probably in need of hydration.  I am sorry, o glorious vegetation!  I do not want to get wet!


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