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13 June 2008 / April

Keyboard fiasco

But first! Where are you going to be at 3 PM on Saturday? Answer: Barnes Hall, listening to Marza and I (and Amy L.! and Kiera!) playing the ‘cello and piano, respectively. Don’t give me that blank look; I know I’ve told you about this. You’ll be there? Good. As your reward, you shall eat cake.

And now, the sad tale of my computer keyboard. It all began yesterday when I spilled a cup of water on adjacent to the keyboard. It wasn’t a lot, I mopped it up quickly, no ill effects were observed.

Until this morning, when I found to my dismay that whenever I tried to type, nothing but an eternally flowing stream of “n”s would appear. It was quite annoying. A little nervously, I lifted up the keyboard to find… a pool of water. How on earth did that get there, I wonder?


Anyway, after dumping some more water out of it, I took the poor thing outside to sun itself for an hour or so. It worked for a while, but soon it was acting up again.


So I cleaned it! Which was not a bad idea anyway, considering how revoltingly filthy it was. Each and every key, each and every crevice, I wiped carefully with a damp towel. Then I snapped all the little keys back and reconnected it to my computer– and it worked!

For a while.

And though navigating the internet without use of a keyboard can be a fun adventure, the novelty soon wears off. Going mouseless is okay because there are always keyboard shortcuts. Good luck typing URLs, let alone blog entries, without a keyboard.


In conclusion: I am now using the keyboard of my sister’s computer. Which pleases her a lot, seeing as my computer is much newer and supposedly much better than hers. Well, you know what? Let’s see how well this sucker withstands a cup of water.


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