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11 June 2008 / April

In which junior year is personified

Wait a second.  WAIT JUST A SECOND.

Junior year?  Did I give you permission to end?  No, don’t give me any of that “but it’s already been nine months” BS.  You think you can make up some excuses about time passing and shit and then just END tomorrow, or in two weeks, except exams don’t count, because what matters is that classes are ending.  Classes!  Classes I’ve been in for nine months!  Classmates I’ve been taught with for nine months!  Teachers I’ve been taught by for nine months!

There are ’08-ers whom I will maybe see tomorrow, maybe at graduation if I can fight through the masses of sweating humans to find them– and then never see again.  That is unacceptable.  Hey junior year (yeah, I’m still talking to you), go tell those seniors that they aren’t allowed to graduate.  Sorry.  Because now, in addition to eight semesters of PE and three science regents, they also need April’s permission in order to get their diploma.  And I don’t remember ANYBODY asking me for that.  So yeah, they have to stay here another year and keep me company.

Besides, junior year, you don’t really understand.  I was planning to get my act together during you so I could be ready to be a senior.  That didn’t happen.  Why?  Because I was too busy being a junior!  I don’t understand!  Seniors are all about having five free periods a day and driving around town and knowing where you’re going to college, or at least where you want to go.  I am not all about that.  Seniors are all about being better than all the other underclassmen.  And I’m not.  I don’t know how to be a senior.  Were there senior prep classes that you kept secret from me?  Because if so, why didn’t you tell me about them?!  I thought we were friends, junior year!

And the whole college business is just annoying.  Thinking about my future just bothers me a lot, and frankly I don’t find it all that interesting because my present and my past are enough for me.  Theoretically, you were supposed to get me thinking about college, seeing as next year I have to apply and all that.  But then you turned out to be such a wild ride that I didn’t really have the time or brain power to ponder college.  You’re like the friend who takes me out partying all night without reminding me of the consequences, except the parties were actually AP classes and thus not parties at all.  Of course, I secretly enjoyed those AP classes.  But that’s beside the point.  Or is it?  What is the point?

I think the point might be that tomorrow is the last day of classes, and I’m more than a little bit sad about that.  And junior year?  It’s all your fault.



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  1. Sarah Barden / Jun 12 2008 6:28 pm

    April, have I ever told you how much I enjoy reading your blog posts? Well, I do. (Now I’ve told you.) And I completely concur with you here… the only thing I have left to say is- will that happen to me? Because if so, junior year had ought to watch out. 😛

  2. April / Jun 12 2008 8:32 pm

    Thanks! And yeah, you might get a little of this “junioritis”… maybe not as severe a case of it as mine though.

  3. Stacy / Jun 13 2008 12:53 am

    Apri, never change. 🙂 ilu.


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