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9 June 2008 / April

It is ridiculously hot.

Highlight of my day? Hands down, Latin class. If only for the infinite awkwardness of walking down the hallway holding a knife. (Counterfactual scenario: “Do you have a pass?” *brandishing knife* “You wanna ask that again?”) But hey, we needed to cut our cake.

Also we had gelato, sang happy birthday in Latin to Maddie, and watched an unbelievably funny scene from Life of Brian (the classic Latin grammar one, of course) and an unbelievably violent scene from Rome.

Intense? You bet.


The excuse for this celebration (besides Maddie’s birthday) was the presentation of the National Latin Exam awards, plus some special “awards” that Ms. N pretty much made up so she could give us totally sweet Latin buttons. They’re seriously better than the certificates and medals. Particularly the “disco” one.


Gah, this entry was not supposed to be so detailed because I really want to sleep! Okay, after school I practiced (HOT), walked Downtown (SO HOT), ate a sandwich at CTB (… not as hot), walked back to IHS (HOT), and went to the Underclassmen Awards Ceremony (SO SO SO HOT). Where I got some awards. Four, actually, which I was not at all expecting, but okay.

And now, I have no homework due tomorrow. No tests or projects or anything. It actually makes me nervous, because c’mon, I must have forgotten something. Right?

Whatever, I will surely remember 3rd period tomorrow. I’m going to sleep.


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