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8 June 2008 / April


This is sad. Last night I had a dream that I was looking at my blog stats– which of course is NOT because I look at my blog stats constantly, oh no– and I noticed a traffic spike for the current day, which was actually December 2. So I scrolled down a bit and saw 100 hits coming from searches for “audiobooks.”

Which is odd, because I don’t think I have ever mentioned audiobooks on this blog.

But I guess I should! So yeah, audiobooks. I don’t really listen to audiobooks. I like reading books actually.  Real, physical, paper books.   My mom, though, listens to audiobooks on her long walks, to keep herself entertained. Also because she doesn’t have time to read books. Because she spends all her time walking. So, like, audiobooks are pretty useful for her.  And they aren’t for me.

Dude! There’s NOTHING to say about audiobooks!

I’m posting photos instead.  Photos from Thursday, when I was at Cornell for the German tea and writing this.






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