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2 June 2008 / April

This was a natural next step.

Now presenting a fragment of an online conversation I participated in last night.

10:04 PM Rachel: did you read my lovely comment on your post? [this one]
me: yes
did you read my lovely reply?
Rachel: not yet
when i checked back there wasnt one yet
10:06 PM did you read my lovely reply to your lovely reply?
10:07 PM me: yes
i love the fact that we’re chatting online about comments we’ve left on line
it’s so delightfully superfluous
Rachel: indeed

So besides that, I also stayed up ridiculously late writing my Physics paper, which I never actually finished (me to Ilona, my editor: “So if you think you see a totally unwritten paragraph, just… pretend it’s not there.”)– except that was okay, because all we did was proofread them in class. And there was a sub.

Then I got up ridiculously early to finish my stupid German project. Have I told you about my hilarious German class-related dream? I don’t think so, but I think I’ll refrain, because in the off chance that Mary ever stumbles upon this blog I do not want her to read it.

And I worked a lot on my Calculus project today too, which is– appropriately enough– incomplete. Dude! I should actually leave it unfinished! Intentionally! Ahh I’m brilliant!

….. Just kidding.



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  1. Rachel / Jun 2 2008 9:57 pm

    Hey look! I’m in a blog post!

  2. April / Jun 2 2008 11:04 pm

    Yeah, you tend to crop up in a lot of my posts. Maybe it’s because we are the same person.

  3. Rachel / Jun 3 2008 6:32 pm

    In that case, I’m offended that I’m not in all of them. Where’s my/your sense of self-absorption?

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