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27 May 2008 / April

Today, plus 95 minutes

(The title references this.  And now, for the first time ever, I am going to just rewrite my personal journal entry as today’s blog entry, because it would take much too much effort to craft a new one. And it’s kind of amusing anyway.  But be warned!  No clarifying hyperlinks and few complete sentences ahead!)

I got up at 5:45 today.  Why?  The birds, it was– their asymmetric tweeting, the sun shining in my window.  I lay awake a long time before finally deciding to get up… except then it was only 5:27.  “Oh hell no,” said I with utmost eloquence, and got back in bed for another 18 minutes.  Till I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Breakfast, over an hour of practicing (Chopin, at last), bus.  Warm and humid… or ’twas till later today, when it was like 50 degrees and I froze in a T-shirt and flip flops and summer pants and no sweatshirt.

Karin!  Talia!  Molly!

Physics- The world was at the senior breakfast.  We had a class of five.

PE- Again!  We were on the brink of playing Frisbee, but our obnoxious begging earned us another day walking and talking the track.  It shouldn’t’ve worked.  Our teacher is a pushover.

TAing- A sub who basically let the kids look at the fresh-off-the-press GREEN yearbooks, and/or play catch.  I would’ve interfered but I’m pretty sure at that useless TA training session, they told us not to discipline…  The beauty is, I still get extra credit.  And I got to look at the yearbook.

German- We FAIL at relative pronouns.  And catching Koosh balls.  Only in Mary’s class are these things related.

Free- Hm.  Free, free, free.  These days most of my periods are like free periods, and they all kinda run together in my head… I guess I did German homework.

Latin- The depressing tale of Tereus and Procne and Philomela.  Cutting up children and feeding them to their parents– it runs in the family.  Then more Horacian wonders.  And declaring a (well-deserved!) “break,” conveniently just a few minutes before the bell rang.

US- We actually had to do things!  *cries*  Planning for tomorrow’s epic discussion.  Lovin’ the gender divide between the domestic and foreign policy groups… separate spheres, anyone?

Calculus- Helping Silviana write her senior supplement (mostly just by EXISTING in all my glory).  Then going to the library and doing actual work.  German and Latin work, that is.  Yes, this is one of those pseudo-free periods.

After school I had a totally amazing conversation with Sana that is too long to be recorded in full and too fantastic not to be.  It was about the SATs.  I was laughing and grinning so hard, my cheek muscles were in severe pain and it felt like I’d burst a blood vessel somewhere in the back of my head.  I exaggerate not.  Oh close encounters with fatal hilarity…

Eating lunch before Choir.  Someday, Loomis will learn that if you try to run through all your concert music from the beginning of the program every day, and if you always run out of time… you will never rehearse the last pieces!

Maira’s rehearsal postponed, so I took the late bus home as per usual and ate dinner and went online and practiced piano.  Tried doing homework, but was distracted by organizing last-minute seminar things (it’s all Victor’s fault… except not at all) and being impressed with the rapid electronic reactions of today’s hyper-connected youth.

Ten one day, 6 the next… when will April get up tomorrow?


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