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26 May 2008 / April

Mostly complaining

My schedule these days is a little like a puzzle: every time I plan another rehearsal, I have to make sure it fits just right in that little slice of time between one thing and the next.

It’s funny, because I always thought of May 18, the date of Ping’s recital, as the turning point between “OMG BUSYBUSYBUSY” and “Ahhh… relaxed.”  Before May 18 was lots of rehearsing and APs, APs, APs.  After May 18 is nothing but…

… As it turns out, lots more rehearsing and projects, projects, projects.  And though the amount of music I’m dealing with may be roughly the same, arranging rehearsals with four separate people as opposed to just one is much more complicated.  Hence the puzzle-like nature.

On a related note, it’s very amusing to witness my mom trying (and failing) to keep all my accompanimentees straight.  Particularly when 75% of their names begin with “M.”

The projects, of course, are not actually a big deal, nor are they at all time-consuming– or they wouldn’t be, if I actually spent the time we’re given in class productively.  Or if I spent time in general productively.

I’m quite certain I had something else to say here.


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